Maria's Field of Hope Avon

Our Movement continues in Avon

Maria’s Field of Hope returns to Avon, where it has bloomed since 2013 at the corner of Chester Rd. and Jaycox Rd. It is visible north of Interstate 90, between the Lear-Nagle and SR 83 exits.

We anticipate the field to be in full bloom for September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! This year we are experimenting with 5 different varietals in a 26 acre field. 780,000 seeds were planted!

We look forward to seeing you in the Sunflowers! Come and enjoy an experience like no other. You can also support our mission with a donation or the purchase of shirts and other sunflower merchandise. Thank you for Growing the Movement!

The Prayers from Maria Foundation is happy to welcome photographers to Maria’s Field of Hope!  In order to photograph in our field, please first obtain a Sunflower Shutterbug Pass to support Maria’s Field of Hope.