Maria's Field of Hope Cedar Point

Our Movement is Growing

We are excited to announce a special event on Wednesday, June 5 that celebrates a new partnership between the Prayers From Maria Foundation and Cedar Point Theme Park. The highlight of Wednesday’s event will be the “Planting Hope” ceremony – a groundbreaking for a new “Maria’s Field of Hope” sunflower field, to be located next to Cedar Point’s Express Hotel, 1201 Cedar Point Dr.

More than 160,000 sunflower seeds on 8 acres of land will be planted at the field that honors and celebrates the lives of children battling cancer, and those we have lost. The field is accessible to visitors entering the amusement park from Cedar Point Drive. We anticipate the field to be in full bloom during August, leading into September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

We look forward to seeing you at our fields! You can also support our mission with a donation or the purchase of shirts and other sunflower merchandise. Thank you!