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News / Channel 3: sunflowers, experiences abound this weekend

Channel 3: sunflowers, experiences abound this weekend


Grab your boots & check out these sights!

AVON, Ohio — Hope springs in many forms, and once again in Avon, that form is a sunflower.

Thanks to the rain this week, Maria’s Field of Hope is blooming again along I-90. More than a million seeds were planted across 23 acres, with this year featuring three types of sunflowers.

All of it was inspired by the little girl who died from a brain tumor, who should now be a teenager.

“Everybody has had a lot of challenges this year, and the field always brings a sense of serenity, a sense of hope, a sense of peace no matter what,” said Megan McNamera, Maria’s mom, who helped start the nonprofit “Prayers From Maria.”

The foundation has raised awareness and money for cancer research. Though the field is free, visitors are encouraged to leave donations. Flowers can also be dedicated through the website

“From anywhere in the country to anybody in the country, and you can do it for whatever reason you feel compelled to do it,” McNamera said. Read More