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Alternative Supplements

These should be researched in order to find a combination that will work well synergistically. It is also important to select your brands wisely because the manufacturers do matter when buying supplements. We are in the process of adding recommendations, but there are 2 web sites that, with membership, provide natural medicine ratings, interactions advice, products reviews, safety concerns, and more based on independent, unbiased testing.

All supplements are listed in alphabetical order and also can be easily viewed by selecting a letter.

Alfalfa soup
helps to detoxify from radiation

Alpha Lipoic Acid
a nutrient that penetrates BBB and a powerful antioxidant that is used by our bodies to prevent free radical damage to our cells. It energizes metabolism and helps with the conditioning of the blood. It also prevents routine bruising as well as breaks down sugars so that energy can be better produced by way of cellular respiration. Recent research has discovered that Alpha Lipoic Acid offers a protective action for the nervous system and brain. It also protects our bodies from metals and radiation pollution.

AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compounds)
strengthens immune system and may increase natural killer cell activity

a glyconutritional blend of 8 monosaccharides to build connections for proper cell-to-cell communication

Barley Power
a powerful cold-pressed “green” product that is a supplement containing many enzymes. It is considered to be potent in combination with a proteolytic enzyme such as Vitalzym or Wobenzyme. (http://www.barleypower.com)

Beta Glucan (Beta 100, Beta 500)
This is a nutrient that is known to get through the blood brain barrier (BBB).

Boswellia (plant)
has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-tumor, and blood lipid lowering activities.

Bromelain (from pineapple plant)
proteolytic enzyme; helps with digestion and is also an anti-inflammatory agent. May contribute to beneficial changes with WBC to affect the immune system.

Cesium Chloride/DMSO Protocol
Used in treating stage IV cancers, The Cesium Chloride Protocol directly targets cancer cells. Normal cells do not ingest the cesium chloride. DMSO allows cesium chloride to target the cancer cells in an even more dramatic way. Cesium has been proven to get into cancer cells, when other nutrients cannot. The cesium:

  • Makes the cancer cells alkaline (Note: the BLOOD is NOT made alkaline, only the inside of the cancer cells)
  • Limits the intake of glucose into the cell (thus starving the cell and making the cell "sick" from lack of food)
  • Neutralizes the lactic acid (which is actually what causes the cell to multiply uncontrollably)
  • Stops the fermentation process, which is a second affect of limiting the glucose.

Liquid ionic cesium chloride works by making cancer cells highly alkaline, typically 8.0 and above, thus killing the cancer cell or making them so "sick" the immunity system kills them. Cesium chloride not only kills cancer cells, directly or indirectly, it immediately stops the metastasis of the cancer, can start shrinking tumor masses within weeks, and almost always stops the pain of cancer within 24 to 48 hours, depending on what is causing the pain.

If considering this treatment, you must fully read the following articles and have support when using this product.

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that can stimulate the immune system in several ways. It works mainly by increasing white blood cells but can also increase the number and/or activity of the cancer fighting t-cells and macrophages, increase antibody levels, and help the body use oxygen more efficiently.

Curcumin is the principal curcuminoid of the Indian curry spice Turmeric. Curcumin is known for its anti-tumor, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being an aid in the prevention of radiation damage. In studies, curcumin-sensitized glioma cells to several clinically utilized chemotherapeutic agents (cisplatin, etoposide, camptothecin, and doxorubicin) and radiation. These findings support a role for curcumin as an adjunct to traditional chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of brain cancer. http://www.blackwell-synergy.com

Digest Gold
increases energy made available to the immune system

Fish Oil
omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation - Recommended Brand: Carlson

Germanium 132 (GE132)
Labeled as a biological-response modifier, which means it is a substance that can enable the body to change its response to tumors, resulting in therapeutic benefits. Germanium does not directly attack cancer cells, but rather stimulates the body’s immune system, making it potentially more effective in the treatment of cancer.

Glyconutrients, or plant-based “health sugars”, support your body’s natural ability to reach optimum nutritional levels and play a role in enhancing the quality of life. (The FDA has not evaluated this statement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

For more information:

Glyconutrients are a key factor in Mannatech’s products. The MannaRelief HOPE program is a program that helps to subsidize the cost of products. https://www.mannatech.com

This milder cousin to Paw Paw comes from the tropical areas of South and North America. It works by slowing down or stopping the ATP production, which lowers the voltage of the cell. When the energy level drops to a critical level, the cell falls apart. Refer to http://cancertutor.com/Cancer/Graviola.html for more info.

Juice Plus+
This is a whole food product that you can use to help with nutrition as well as boost and support the immune system. No preservatives are added and you can supplement with garden (vegetables), orchard (fruits) and/or vineyard (berries).

For product and ordering information, go to http://www.FruitsVeggiesAndMore.net

Fresh juice from fruits and vegetables is loaded with cancer fighting phytochemicals and vitamins, in a state easily absorbed by the body. A well-known juicer on the market is The Champion Juicer. www.championjuicer.com

Maitake extract
enhances immune system function

“natural night-cap”, strengthens immune system, reduces free radicals. Melatonin is the main hormone responsible for regulating sleep and has been shown to exert anticancer activity through at least five different mechanisms. These include:

  • An anti-proliferate effect on cancer cells
  • Stimulation of anticancer immunity
  • Changes in the expression of cancer-prone genes called oncogene
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • anti-angiogenic effects

Miso Soup
helps to detoxify from radiation

(100% natural) A natural molecule that penetrates the BBB. Helps to reduce and prevent swelling and inflammation. It is also known for help in reducing pain.

MGN -3
builds the immunity system

Neuro-Max II
Can be helpful in controlling necrosis-related side effects of radiation. (From vitacost.com) Contains the most active and well-researched brain and cognitive enhancing nutrients available. Phosphatidylserine and Ginkgo Biloba have many double blind clinical studies demonstrating their efficacy in brain and neural function. Human experiments with Vinpocetine and CDP choline show them to be beneficial for memory and cognition as well as improving oxygen and blood flow delivery to the brain.

  • Maximizes memory and concentration
  • Increases neurotransmitter potential
  • Enhances blood flow and energy to the brain for optimal cognition

Used to improve brain and nervous system function. Contains DMAE, Bacopa Monnieri, Ashwagandha Root, Asian Ginseng Root, Goto Kola and Ginkgo Biloba. Also useful in controlling necrosis-related side effects.

These are live microorganisms that improve balance of intestinal micro flora. It’s suggested to choose a children’s product that is refrigerated and has AT LEAST 2 billion viable organisms guaranteed to the expiration date.

  • Use dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacteria or yeast, with lactic acid bacteria (LAB) as the most common microbes used. LAB have been used in the food industry for many years, because they are able to convert sugars (including lactose) and other carbohydrates into lactic acid.
  • Probiotic bacterial cultures are intended to assist the body's naturally occurring gut flora to reestablish themselves. Doctors sometimes recommend them, and, more frequently, by nutritionists, after a course of antibiotics, or as part of the treatment for gut related candidiasis. Claims are made that probiotics strengthen the immune system.
  • The rationale for probiotics is that the body contains a miniature ecology of microbes, collectively known as the gut flora. The number of bacterial types can be thrown out of balance by a wide range of circumstances including the use of antibiotics or other drugs, excess alcohol, stress, disease, exposure to toxic substances, or even the use of antibacterial soap. In cases like these, the bacteria that work well with our bodies may decrease in number, an event that allows harmful competitors to thrive, to the detriment of our health.

Paw Paw
This is the more powerful cousin of Graviola. It is known to kill cancer cells by blocking the ATP production and therefore reducing the voltage of the cancer cell causing it to break down. (Normal cells have plenty of ATP so Paw Paw doesn’t affect them) Due to the lysing (clusters of dead cancer cells), it is important to include a treatment that is an anti-inflammatory. Refer to http://cancertutor.com/Cancer/Graviola.html for more info.

This is a chemical substance that was developed by a biochemist, Sheridan, who combined components to act synergistically to lower the voltage (energy) of the cancer cell. Malignant cells are anaerobic and their voltage is already low. Protocel works by blocking the production of ATP, which in turn further lowers the voltage of the cell, causing the cell to eventually self-destruct and break apart. The pieces of the dead cancer cell are called lysing. You MUST follow the guidelines in taking Protocel because certain supplements, treatments and food will interfere with the Protocel and cause it to lose its effectiveness.

There is much to know about this product and therefore it is recommended to do further reading after this basic description. You can read a nice summary at the Cancer Tutor site (http://cancertutor.com/Cancer/Protocel.html) and then investigate their related links. As said by the Cancer Tutor site, the 2 best resources of information are:

proteolytic enzymes that stimulate phagocytes to ingest foreign objects and debris

Ruta/Cal Phos
Ruta 6/Ca3 (PO4)2 have been used as an alternative and complementary therapy in treatment of brain tumors. Published research showed that in combination, Ruta/Cal Phos caused cancer death in brain cancer cells. It is also a good idea to read further on this subject, as there is more information and a recommended dose and schedule. Here are 2 links with more info and Banjeri’s schedule:

Veggie Caps
A vegetable formula in capsule form that can help the immune system and give antioxidant support.

A natural proteolytic (digests protein) enzyme that strips the protein coating around cancer cells to increase ease of immune system to kill them. It can maintain your normal enzyme levels and balance your body’s repair mechanism and may reduce inflammation. Considered very potent when used with Barley Power or fresh wheatgrass juice. (http://www.cancertutor.com) (http://www.natural-product.info/Product01/Vitalzym.html)

Vitamin D3
Studies have shown that Vitamin D3 can induce cancer cells to differentiate into normal cells and to interfere with cancer cell division.

Wheat Grass
Contains many important enzymes to help other enzymes work better; potent with Vitalzym

A proteolytic enzyme used to breakdown harmful and abnormal complexes in the body. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory since the body uses systemic enzymes to rebalance the inflammatory response and help heal it. (www.wobenzyme.com)