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Our grants promote groundbreaking research

Since our founding in 2007, we have already awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in research grants. In 2010, we awarded a $100,000 grant to fund the research of Dr. BingCheng Wang at Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Dr. Wang is researching how brain tumors spread and is studying a family of proteins that can stop “egg cells” in tumor cells. Dr. Wang used our $100,000 grant as “seed money” for the compilation of preliminary data. Our investment has since turned into $3.3 million in grants from the National Cancer Institute, allowing Dr. Wang to continue his cutting edge research into brain tumor progression.

In 2012, we issued a $100,000 grant to Dr. Mark Kieran at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to support his groundbreaking research study, which is helping to develop biopsy techniques for identifying types of gliomas, including DIPG. Dr. Kieran’s research aims to target and personalize treatment for DIPG and other gliomas based on the make-up of the individual child’s tumor. In May of 2012, Dr. Kieran, working with Boston Children’s neurosurgeons Liliana Goumnerova, M.D. and R. Michael Scott, M.D., began to carry out unprecedented surgical biopsies on children newly diagnosed with DIPG. These biopsies allow researchers like Dr. Kieran to look, for the first time, within DIPG and understand why it differs so greatly from other tumors.

In 2014, we awarded the $250,000 Melana Matson Memorial Grant to Case Western Reserve University, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers James Basilion, PhD, Efstathis Karathanasis, PhD, and John Letterio, MD, who are studying the use of nanotechnology to more effectively treat pediatric glioma brain tumors.

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